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2015 Chiayi City International Art Documentary Film Festival

嘉義二O一五國際藝術紀錄片影展主視覺文宣設計 ; project_VI ; date_2015 ; branding design_Album Rivers ; designer_Edney Yang

“Ba Fang Lai Feng” is where the topical conception of this film display comes from. The activity vision logo is mainly based on the golden ratio of human body of Da Vinci’s circumference. Its rolling golden ratio gathers spectacular images and quintessence per seconds of film frames so that you may enjoy such a visional banquet. Popcorn is also necessary when you are watching films. It symbolizes a spiritual provision, whose elements are where the sense of humor comes from. That’s how the implication of“Ba Fang Lai Feng” is represented.


「八方來瘋」為此影展的主題構想活動視覺LOGO 是以達文西的圓周人體黃金比例圖為發想軸心轉動的黃金比例,將各界絕美的影像聚集也把電影影格每一分秒的精髓,帶入其中,一同共勝饗宴而爆米花也是觀賞時必備,且用來象徵一種精神糧食其元素亦產生幽趣感表現「八方來瘋」的意涵特性

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