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Christmas cards of CMP’s Eslite bookstore

勤美誠品聖誕節卡片 ; project_Graphic ; date_2016 ; branding design_Album Rivers ; designer_Edney Yang

During WW2 one hundred years ago, a spontaneous truce was reached by soldiers on both sides on Christmas.

They let go of weapons, left the trench, blessed each other, even played soccer together.

Such a spirit means forsaking prejudices and confrontations. It also means a deed of giving life and love.

Inspired by this true historical story, we make this topic aim at boxing in the designing pictures. The boxing ring means the battlefield.

Two cards represent an interactive relationship in a storyboard mode.” The last second was a confrontation, and the next second is rejoice and dancing.” Another notion is conveyed: “We are Santa Claus for each other, who render and support in a mutual way” In accord with the entire tonality, outer envelopes are attached with hung gloves of boxing, which means the coming of a truce and peace. 


百年前第一次世界大戰,在聖誕節的日子,雙方士兵自發性的休戰,放下武器,離開戰壕 彼此祝賀,甚至一起踢起足球,這樣的精神,是真正的放下成見與對立,給予生命、愛的表現。
受到歷史上這樣的真實故事啟發,設計畫面上以拳擊為主題,擂台象徵戰場,兩張卡片是為分鏡式的互動關係,「上一秒,是歭對立 ;   下一秒,歡慶跳舞。」
也訴說另一個概念「我們都是彼此的聖誕老人、互相給予且支持。」 ,配合整體套售調性,外裝信封使用拳擊手套的吊掛,也表示休戰、和平的到來。

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