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2017 Singing in the darkness night

聲音結社-在黑夜的死寂中唱歌 ; project_VI ; date_2017 ; branding design_Album Rivers ; designer_Edney Yang; photographic_Edney Yang

It’s an annual musical festival hosted by an independent musical disc shop, VOICE in Taoyuan. It gathers many kinds of traditional and modern music that combines the culture of roadside banquet and markets. Many well-known musicians like Lin Sheng Xiang, Lin Qiang, Luo Si Rong, Huang Da Wang, etc., and other bands are invited into this event.In this topical tableau, constellations, the moon, and children’s cries appear. Though it is deathly quietness seemingly, it is where the primitive hope begins its journey.


由桃園VOICE 獨立音樂唱片行所舉辦的年度音樂盛典 集合了許多各式傳統、現代的音樂,結合辦桌文化以及市集 邀請了林生強、林強、羅思容、黃大旺、等等知名音樂人以及樂團 畫面主題出現星辰月亮,與孩童的呼喊 表意雖為黑夜死寂,卻從原始的希望出發而用

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