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ED POST Aluminum Printings ; project_Applications ; date_2012; branding design_Album Rivers ; designer_Edney Yang ; photographic_Edney Yang

It’s a device of colored drawing which has been manufactured since 2012, by a Taiwanese artist Edney Yang. The artistic creation is printed on a variety of suitable materials. In the beginning, materials of aluminum and their wastes are used in the manufacture so that they are made compact. That’s why they could be done in harmony with customization of processing methods. 


由台灣藝術家 Edney Yang,於2012年始產製的彩繪裝置品,將藝術創作印製於各式所適材料初期皆使用鋁材、鋁耗廢材製作,材質輕巧並可配合加工工法客製訂做

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