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安平追想曲故事插畫 ; project_Graphic; date_2010 ; branding design_Album Rivers ; designer_Edney Yang

This is a true story and happened in very earlier at Taiwan.


There's a boat-doctor from Holland, with the East India trade fleet to India.


But shipwrecked on the way, and he survived with some groups, wake up in the island, Taiwan.


And he helps people including the resident on the island also,

a girl who needs him to save a old man,then they fall in love within'.


after the boat been fixed up, he needs to finished his duty, so he left a neck-ring with cross to her,

and maka a promise to her, to come back.


He can't. Eventually.

The war between Japan and Taiwan happened at the time,

No one would be near with it.


He back to Holland  sadly, hurt.


This story spread so far,


At that time, the descendants of the ship doctors came to Taiwan nowadays,

and found the historical information about the same incident at the time and rewrite it,

This is also an anonymous chanted song sung by  Miss Teresa Teng, an early figure in Taiwan.


That is a continuation of the poignant story of this matter.



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