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The beauty of spaces derives from the interactions of humans and the environment.

At home, the setting of users’ temper is the core which matches emotions of different materials and creates a unique space full of animation. At the commercial space, brand strategies are the dependence when people coming here may experience the whole brand spirits under such an environment.


Service items: Residence houses, commercial spaces.

Let's residence in Taichung
VVGFoodplay x DraftLand Bar Design
Yang’s residence in Xinzhuang
VZONE Hair Design
Guang Hair Design
Lei's residence in Taichung
Fooyuu Hair Salon Hsinchu
Craft Exhibition Hall
Wu’s residence in Xindian
Hsu’s residence in Taichung
Origin Cafe
Lin Jin Sheng Xiang
Aroma Study House
Fooyuu Hair Salon Hsinchu
My Home Coucou Amelie
Allo Friend
Caribou Cafe
Kito Taro
Honey Farm
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