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Italia Eapresso Festival

台灣義大利咖啡節 ; project_VI ; date_2014 ; branding design_Album Rivers ; designer_Edney Yang; photographic_Edney Yang

This is a national united event of coffee shops in Taiwan. The main goal of Coffee Festival is competition of making Espresso within a limited time. Therefore, this requires the agile and swift movement, like how a ninja does, which may represent the main vision of Coffee Festival. Contestants from many locations have accumulated strength for a take-off to give it a try.


台灣全國性的咖啡店聯合活動節事,此咖啡節的主要活動為義式咖啡的沖泡競時比賽,因此以忍者的身手敏捷和俐落來體現此咖啡節的主視覺 讓各方好手皆蓄勢待發,躍躍欲試

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