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IT Tastes Like Chicken

IT Tastes Like Chicken ; project_Graphic ; date_2009 ; branding design_Album Rivers ; designer_Edney Yang

There is a pig who need to gain
weight ,because he is too thin.

It’s a process with “Fast-Food Lovers” ,by imitate at each other during the relationship of fall in love,it's not about the comparison, or choice( who is better. )  it's about LOVE, LOVE is EAT, LOVE is HURT,and Love is I become to you !? No, It's still of yourself. Love is Help to Yourself.


There is a chicken who need to lose weight, Because he is too fat.
One day, they disscusssss about their weight problems
How can I to be so thin like you?
You must eat like chicken.
How can I to be fat like you?
Well, you must eat like pig!
So, the pig eat the chicken.
"Actually it still tastes like chicken. " the pig said. - END

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