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Lei’s residence in Taichung

client_雷宅二房二廳 ; project_interior(2018:11)  ; interior design_ALBUM RIVERS ; designer_Zon

photographic_Fine studio

We’re trying to bury the family’s living style inside every corner of this space.The warm color system of earth and natural texture of Firmiana simplex are spread in every corner at home, occasionally with some pink. The elements of arcs made straight lines more harmonious, which means a family’s gentle sentiment to their daughter besides the steady and secure feelings. The arrangement of neon lamp means how spontaneously a host pampers his hostess. We tried to make the whole dining room more spacious and open so that it could accommodate book shelves and beds. As a result, the original configuration bedroom will be replaced by this new style. Not only such a perfect place would fit the domestic books and stuffs, but relatives and friends coming here would find some spaces of relaxation when they want to take a rest. In the meantime, the flexible possibilities will be reserved.

It is hoped that the entire space would create the new and routine daily life based on how the family members get along with one another. Started from the moment when they return to home, from the foyer to the living room, from the dinning table to the bedroom, every corner of designs is like the mails written to the family. When they begin to read, it means they begin to live here. It’s like that the sunlight projecting toward their home is not so strong. It’s so temperate!