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Lin Jin Sheng Xiang

client_林金生香百年餅舖 ; project_interior(2015:01)  ; interior design_ALBUM RIVERS ; designer_Yen

floral design _木植花藝植栽設計 ; photographic_AJ LIU、研香所 

Lin Jin Sheng Xiang lies in the old street near Wanhe Temple of Nantun District in Taichung. In 1866, the establisher Lin Wang Sheng (since 1912) made a living as a noodle maker and opened the opportunity of flour and tasty food. During the times when there was a scarcity of goods and materials, the second-generation Lin A Tu noodle tortoise cakes and other confectionary. As the ingredients were authentic and their qualities were excellent, they were widely favored within Nantun and became the top choice in festivals and daily life. That was why this shop is called “Mian Gui A Tu” in Nantun streets. Its signet still remains up till today. As we recall the memory of it, we should remind ourselves of the traditional methods and respected quality. Having experienced the refinement for over one hundred years and inherited the traditional method of handy manufacture, such a century-old shop in the 5th generation displays demands correspondent to modern health and marvelous tastes, making it successful to make another local specialty “muâ-ínn” in Nantun into combination. At the same time, they have shouldered the sense of responsibility of local cultures and taste inheritance. That’s how a century-old shop is built. Lin Jin Sheng Xiang had preserved historical traces and made new materials into combination. Inside the old streets, you may enjoy the déjà vu Chinese afternoon tea there. The intermingling of old and new generations and aging traces both remind us to show strong gratitude and never forget their original goal. Over 100 years, every segment of youth cherishment and separation is a memory left in the old houses for ages. The cherishment which purified times has taken off the coat which covered up something, bringing smiles to the people. 

林金生香位於台中市南屯區萬和宮老街,西元1866年(同治5年),創始者林旺生以製麵為主,開起麵粉與美食的機緣。在物資匱乏的時代,第二代林阿塗(1912年)製作麵龜及各類糕餅,因用料實在且品質優良廣受南屯地方之喜愛,成為節慶禮俗與日常食用的首選,得南屯街坊以「麵龜阿塗」稱之,至今能保留麵龜阿塗印記。在緬懷之餘更時刻惕勵遵循古法與品質至上的精神。歷時百年的洗鍊,承續傳統手工製法,堂堂邁入第五代的百年老店,展現出符合現代健康與美味絕倫訴求,成功結合台中南屯在地特產「麻芛」,同時肩負地方文化與美味傳承使命,就是百年老店- 林金生香 保留了歷史痕跡,結合了新的媒材,在老街中,享受似曾相識的中式下午茶時光好所在,新舊世代的融合,歲月的痕跡是提醒了我們飲水思源,莫忘初衷。 跨越一百年的時光, 家族裡每一段青春珍惜與分離, 皆在屋裡留下時代的記憶。 褪去掩飾的外衣, 將時光淨化後的珍貴, 微笑在世人面前