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My Home Coucou Amelie

client_惠宇青田宅 ; project_interior(2012:06)  ; interior design_ALBUM RIVERS

The client of this case is an adorable metropolitan female. She, independent and autonomous, finally owns her own home after having deposited money for a long time. Like Emily’s fancy world, we hope to endow her one in which her stories and friends would show up. And they would accompany her when she gets home every day. Hence, that’s why there are seals in Mediterranean, running goats, and a television cabinet akin to piano keys inside this world. Also, the more independent we are, the more we hope our living rooms to be our pals’ favorite mini-world where they feel like to gather together when they have leisure. 

這個案子中的委託者,是一位可愛的都會女性,獨立自主的她,在存了很久的錢之後, 有了這個自己的家,我們希望給她一個猶如艾蜜莉的異想世界, 在每天回家時,這個環境有著一些只屬於她的故事與朋友,來與他相伴, 所以這裡頭有著地中海的海豹,跑著的山羊,和類似琴鍵的電視櫃。 

另外,越是獨立的我們,其實也希望自己家的客廳,是朋友們在閒餘之時, 是大家最愛來相聚的小世界。