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Origin cafe

client_Origin Cafe ; project_interior(2015:03)  ; interior design_ALBUM RIVERS ; designer_Yen
floral design _木植花藝植栽設計 ; photographic_AJ LIU 

You put on the mask as if you were Zorro who has been living for a while. You turned back your face after missing the interchanges, wondering how many years have passed. Finally, you took off the mask and transformed back to Mickey, took Minnie under Eiffel Tower and constructed your own small amusement park. 

戴上面具假裝自己是蘇洛的活了多久, 錯過了交流道要回頭又是多少個流年。 終於,你放下那個面具,變回了米奇,帶著米妮到巴黎鐵塔底下,組裝了屬於自己的小小遊樂園。