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一日三手作便當 品牌形象設計

Daily Bento 一日三手作便當 ; project_CI (2018:11); graphic design/interior design_Album Rivers

在自家廚房用餐的安心自在 只使用水煮的青菜做為配菜和未加工的新鮮肉品,是一日三手作便當的特色。將外食人群的身體負擔透過減油和由廚房親自烹調,達到新鮮與安心的堅持。而這個堅持從原本獨自一人的理念轉變為一家人的支持與協助,全家人選擇透過一日三手作便當一起做一件好且對的事情。 在這樣的理念下,從品牌命名、品牌形象到空間環境的呈現,皆維繫在溫度、簡化和清透的感受,而清鮮的綠色更是貫串品牌調性的重要角色。期待到來的客人,在用餐與等候的同時,能感受到有別於傳統便當店的自在與自然。


The comfort when you have meals in the kitchen at homeWhen you merely use the water-boiled vegetables as the side dish of fresh meat without being processed, It’s the main feature to make lunch by yourself three times a day. We are trying to achieve the insistence of freshness and relief by removing the burdens of those who have meals outside through reduced-oil and cooking by hand in kitchens. Such a conception of insistence, which was originally individual, is now converted to the insistence and assistance of the whole family. Once the whole family choose to do the lunch-box together, it would sound good and right.​



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