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找路咖啡 品牌形象設計

台中找路咖啡 ; project_CIS ;  date_2011 ; graphic design_Album Rivers ; designer_Edney Yang

營業至今以六年,創意咖啡店表現喜愛旅遊,且樂於分享的精神,與主人所喜愛的貓相互結合設計 並配合設計原創主題人物,延 伸CIS 、壁畫等相關作品、商品


Having run for six years, this creative coffee shop shows how they love travelling and how glad their spirit of enjoyment is. Its designs combine with the cat loved by its master. With the coordination of original theme characters, the designs extend to CIS, murals, and related works & merchandise.   ​



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