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林金生香 2019株事花開年節禮盒

林金生香2019株事花開年節禮盒 ; project_Package Design(2019:01 ); graphic design_Album Rivers ; illustrator_Hanna Chen




The delightful moments during the reunion

All the flowers begin to bloom. Like the perfect sincerity with the blooming flowers. The Chinese New Year, also called " Spring Festival ", means the significant days for family reunion. With the old spring couplets replaced by new ones and annual flowers offered, the atmosphere is filled with red. daffodil, as one of the annual flowers, symbolises significant the meaning of missing and reunion. Therefore, we drew this sentiment onto the gift box of Chinese New Year. Also, we make the blossom of daffodil an instrument to convey the thankfulness of the family members' warm accompanying and the gratitude of our relatives' helping. We use the roasted wheat flour, malao, almond crusts, nuts, zhuangyuan cakes as the various ingredient of Chinese New Year just in order to place the memories of taste into the gift box of Chinese New Year. DM,there hides eight correspondent drawing poems with delicate thinking according to the inner contents which is loaded with our sincere blessing. Established for 153 years, now we make different visual design on the packing box, besides, we think about the content and price adjusting. Lin Chin Sheng Hsiang

 braces up to connect with this new generation, and reposition the value of our brand. Just taste a bite of this cake, and you'll be full of gladness. Most importantly, we'll never let the delightful moments slip away.​



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