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林金生香 2018戲品團員中秋禮盒

林金生香2018中秋禮盒 ; project_Package Design(2018:09 ); graphic design_Album Rivers ; illustrator_MINDSLOW Workroom




Under the canopy where dramas are played, you may taste the cakes and sip a cup of tea while listening the stories of this land.

Wan He Templeis the one with the longest history in Taichung City. In the 200 years, endless stream of pilgrims never stop showing their reverence, so a variety of cultures involve worshipping in festivals still exist. Among them, “Zi Xing Xi”is the utmost folklore activity. Such a particular and meaningful activity has been converted to the content of the gift box becauseLin Jin Sheng Xianglocates beside Wan He Temple. The reason is that we anticipate sharing the cultural aesthetics of this land to more folks. Also, on the mid-autumn festival gift box, there are three series containing “Ling Yun”, “Ying Yue”, and “Ying Xiang”. Amid them, the taste of Zhuangyuancakes ofLing Yunis pumpkin. Its smell of pumpkin and its taste of delicately silky texture are the condensation of cake-making crafts in hundreds of years. Such delicious cakes from our hardy works are unique here, which represents the heart of authentic sincerity to bring you any gifts.



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