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ASVDA 品牌形象設計

client_ASVDA 亞洲矽谷 ; project_CIS ; branding design_Album Rivers ; designer_優視覺uvisual

由台灣政府攜手「國內產業」、「研究院士」與「新創菁英」組成「亞洲矽谷」。​旨在以物聯網為核心,提升台灣軟硬體實力,驅動產業轉型與升級,進而促動經濟奔馳標識取自於英文縮寫AVA,三環相扣形成 無限循環,傳遞「亞洲矽谷」三方打造完備穩固的互聯網,革新產業潛能、爆發軟硬體實力,提升整體經濟結構,使台灣躍為國際互聯網絡之先鋒


Taiwanese Government unites domestic industry, research scholars, and innovative elites to form Asian Silicon, whose goal is to become the core of Internet of Things, to boost the strength of software and hardware, to propel industrial transformation and enhancement, and to facilitate fast-moving economy. The sign derives from AVA, the abbreviation of Asia Valley Agency. These three letters are closely connected to form infinite circulation so that all three sides may build complete and firm Internet, innovate industrial potential, burst out the strength of software and hardware, and boost the entire economical structure. With these, Taiwan would become the forerunner of international Internet. 



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