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iSWEETY 品牌形象設計

iSWEETY 艾思維特股份有限公司 ; project_CI (2018:03) ; graphic design_Album Rivers  



iSWEETY 負責傳遞幸福,那我們就為iSWEETY打造浪漫。


There is only happiness in this land with affection.

Ambiguousness is transparent. Being fond of someone means the temperate pink one, while love bubble means the red with the 100 percent transparency. The feeling of walking on the air when you are in love, as well as the nice fantasy, are produced when someone is casting the magic wand which will lead you to the fantastic journey with a series of brand impressions of iSWEETY.

Soft clouds, twinkling stars, and sweet honey seen along the way are the entire main elements overlapped one another. Identification, cutting, and dislocation are applied to convey the heartbeat when someone is touched and the moment when the arrow penetrates the heart. At the same time, the light of happiness would become more radiant. Pink which represents feeling the atmosphere of happiness is chosen as the main color. Besides, light colors with different depths stand for the sense of happiness under love phases. Also, considering the recipients to whom the brand conveys are B2B & B2C, we are thinking about how to introduce the service items in a succinct method in order to create the characters that may produce happiness according to the attributes of departments. With the representation of comics, we are attempting to make iSWEETY not only convey the atmosphere of love and happiness but retain the professional thought.



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