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XS2ME 護唇膏包裝設計

XS2ME 護唇膏真空包裝設計 ; project_Package Design (2018:11) ; graphic design_Album Rivers

輕輕地呼吸,緩緩的呢喃,然後靜靜表述說出自我的主張。 延續品牌主題企劃的設定,以「音樂」作為設計主軸,透過Dreampop曲風的感受呈現護唇膏的修護功用和質地:純白色的,零添加的,修復保濕的。 選用漸層輕透的手法,表達產品修復滋潤的過程,在漸漸修復的過程中,感受它猶如不存在的存在。Dreampop用曲風建構一個夢境與現實交錯的世界,XS2ME用護脣膏傳遞一個探尋自我與輕透生活的新溝通方式。


Breathe gently, slowly whisper, and then quietly express your self-assertion.The continuation of the brand theme planning, "music" as the main axis of design, through Dreampop style, to experience the repair function and texture of the lip balm: pure white, zero added, repairing moisturizing.Using the gradual and light technique to express the process of repairing and moisturizing of the product, in the process of gradually repairing, feel it as if it does not exist. Dreampop is the style to construct a world in which dreams and reality are intertwined. XS2ME uses lip balm to express a new way of communication that explores self and light life.



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