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Paintings of package designing from Victor’s rice garden

南投埔里稻米包裝設計 ; project_Graphic ; date_2012 ; branding design_Album Rivers ; designer_Edney Yang; photographic_Edney Yang

The rice package designing of Puli in Nantou County was under cooperation with Victor’s designing Cooperation. With the notion of a proverb in Southern Min “Having rice makes you more energetic”, your strength would boost after you eat. The sounds of “rice” and “raise” sound similar, which symbolizes that every agricultural family labors in order to protect our health, like a superman does.


與美可特設計公司合作,為南投埔里的稻米包裝設計取,以「吃米才有力氣」之台語諺語為概念吃了之後提升氣力 Rice的諧音與 Raise 相同,象徵各個農務人家都像超人一樣,付出辛勞來守護著我們的健康

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