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2016 The comedy of Sex and Politics

表演工作坊 新龍門客棧-非關武俠 ; project_VI ; date_2016 ; branding design_Album Rivers ; designer_Edney Yang

The staff includes the creative director Lai Sheng Chuan, the film director Ding Nai Zheng, Yang Jin Hua, and Fan Guang Yao. Here’s how the applicational designs of main visual word-processing would do: All actors’ features and performances in the drama would be incorporated into a game of men and women’s seduction, jealousy, and adulation on the stage.


創意總監賴聲川、丁乃箏導演、楊謹華、樊光耀,主視覺文宣應用設計 將各主演員的劇中特性表現,合奏一場誘惑、嫉妒、諂媚的男女遊戲

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