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Tea Feeling Memory

茶感記憶 ; project_VI ; date_2013 ; branding design_Album Rivers ; designer_優視覺 ; photographic_優勢覺

It’s a special display of tea industry with the theme of “tea feeling memory(茶感記憶)”, which conveys tea cultures for a long period of time in Pingling. Also, with appreciation, observation, sampling, and other ways, these touching tea memories could be conveyed to the depth of peoples’ hearts.

There are interlocked woven triangles in traditional tools for picking up tea leaves and making tea, such as Asian conical hats, bamboo baskets, and other baking utensils. For bamboo pieces, there are dark and light colors in different layers. These are where the design foundations are based on. With the combination of animated layered colors of azure and green from tea leaves, succinct and vigorous visual styles could be represented.

The display site is represented in a succinct style so that visitors would be expected to place themselves in a location of new and unique textures. They will feel how the traditional and the modern cultures blend, which may add new feelings and observative angles of the tea culture.


以茶感記憶為主題的坪林茶業特展傳遞坪林多年歷史的茶文化,並以賞色、觀形、品味,各種方式與民眾傳遞深層的,令人感動的茶葉記憶。 傳統採茶製茶過程使用的工具,斗笠竹簍或烘焙器具,皆有編織交錯的三角形,竹片呈現深淺不一的層次色彩以此為設計基礎,並結合青綠層次的茶葉生氣色彩,表現簡潔活潑的視覺風格,展場以簡約風格呈現,以期參觀民眾置身新穎質感的展場,感受傳統與現代交融,為茶文化增添新的風情與觀賞角度

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