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Aroma Study House

client_林金生香百年餅舖 ; project_interior(2015:01) ; interior design_ALBUM RIVERS ; designer_Yen floral design _木植花藝植栽設計 ; photographic_AJ LIU、研香所

在晨霧裡漫步著,看著遠處湖邊,捎來一盞微微燈光,在這邊寧靜裡, 帶來一抹溫暖,在晨霧裡漫步著,在湖邊停下暫歇,看著沾上露水的 綠葉,想起了原處的真。帶著希望與安靜,構思起了那為客人們準備的點心, 以及客人們嘴角的快樂。

You stroll inside the morning mist and watch a slight lamplight at the lake edge from somewhere distant. Warmth is brought in this tranquility. When you stroll inside the morning mist and take a break at the lake edge, you come up with the truth of the original place after taking a look at the foliage moistened with dews. With hope and tranquility, you begin to conceive the refreshment prepared to guests for the sake of their happiness beside their lips.

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