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“川彡(Chuan Shan)” means the homonym of “river andmountain”.  In the never-ending process, we are relaxed and unrestrained like rivers.

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Our Story


“川彡(Chuan Shan)” means the homonym of “river and mountain”. In the never-ending process, we are relaxed and unrestrained like rivers. However, as solid as big mountains, we never forget every commission we regard as our own works. The best output is what we are willing to aim for. The different and wide visual angles brought from accommodating and listening guarantee abundant possibilities. The confluence of enormous rivers converges on the sea. Through the evaporation of the sun, the droplets accumulate to form rains. That’s how the grace returns to the earth.

Our Vision​


We are an interdisciplinary and creative team. In order to fulfill every client’s brands, merchandise, environments, homestead, inner pleasure, and enthusiasm with delicacy and accuracy, we have experts from different fields, and cooperate with different creators to make sure that the process of brainstorming feels like a jazz interpretation in which creations may be added and from which responses would be made. According to different clients’ most tailor-made needs, we expect that such a sound, such an attitude, and such a perspective would leave profound experiences and impressions among consumers and the audience. 


Our Team

服務研究 / 品牌定位 / 設計產出 / 媒體產生 / 網路宣傳



品牌策略 / 形象設計 / 包裝設計  CIS系統 / 市場分析 / 行銷企劃


Interior Design

商業空間 / 住宅空間 / 傢俱設計

策展規劃 / 家飾規劃 


Commercial Film

​商業攝影 / 剪接 / 活動紀錄 

形象影片 / 影片規劃

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