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Fooyuu Hair Salon Hsinchu Hall 2

client_福予貳館 ; project_interior(2018:11) ; interior design_ALBUM RIVERS ; designer_Yen

在新屋與舊屋之間,我們找尋著他們的共處之道,在不破壞街景的線條為前提下, 構思起了外觀,於內在,福予為新竹市裡帶來潮流與前衛的造型品牌, 傳遞著革新與細膩的同時,在空間中,依然不能少了福予一直堅持的, 以本土的樸質精與真誠,帶給來的每個人祝福的堅持。

We are trying to seek the way how new houses and old ones got along with, conceiving the surface and intrinsic contents on the premise that the lines of street views are not wrecked. Fuyu has brought models and brands full of trend and something forward in Hsinchu City. While it conveys innovation and elaboration, something Fuyu insists cannot be overlooked in space. It insists on bringing everyone blessing with native honesty and sincerity.

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