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Guang Hair Design

client_光裡外 ; project_interior(2019:04) ; interior design_ALBUM RIVERS ; designer_Zon floral design_松果手感 ; 牆面金屬字體製作_Bo Yu Wang ; photographic_Fine studio

在原先方正的空間內,先打上大量的灰,再置入了幾道溫柔的圓,這些圓自然的區分了不同機能的區域,柔和的弧線依舊維持空間上的開放度。在有厚度量體的櫃體上仔細的鑲上金邊,讓輕盈的鐵件線條與穩重塊體相對呼應,垂直水平的線條增添整體空間的細緻感。最後再點綴上一抹紫藍一抹橘紅,透過色層之間的交疊完成一幅安靜典雅的空間畫, 佇立在新竹的街道旁。 整體空間上運用泥料、木材、金屬材質上的差異性配置,隨著時間使用,壁面的光澤度可能會有所不同,木材使用痕跡或許會變更圓潤,金屬鏽斑日後自然地延展開,帶來靜謐的氛圍。在美髮的同時,除了自身髮型視覺上的滿足,隨著光線的變化,安安靜靜的享受著。

Inside the square space, a massive quantity of grey was applied, along with several gentle circles to distinguish zones with different functions naturally, and soft curves maintaining the openness of spaces. The cabinet with thickness is carefully fitted with gold edges, so that the light iron lines correspond to the stable blocks, and the vertical and horizontal lines add the sense of delicacy of the entire space. Finally, embellish with purple blue and orange, and complete an elegant painting through the overlap of color layers, which standing beside the streets in Hsinchu. The differential configuration of cement, wood, and metal was applied in the entire space. As time goes by, the gloss of the wall may be different. The traces of wood used might become smooth, and the rusty spots would naturally extend in the future, bringing the atmosphere of quiet. While hairdressing, customers can check their hairstyles with visual satisfaction, and can enjoy the comfort of the entire place along with the light changes

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