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HomeWork eco-friendly project interior design

client_家務室 友善環境生活雜貨 ; project_interior(2017:10) ; interior design_A Dot DesignXALBUM RIVERS ; designer_Ho, Chen Yu





Based on the purport of “Homework: For yor home on earth,work.” and the core conception of “Hold everything dear”, we tried to implement the entire planning and execution of this brand. The naming of “Qi Jia Cuo” derives from the hope that the beginning of the domestic office would become a brand which would communicate with people and get popularized to them so as to help them know the friendly environments. Its grocery at the first floor and the living room at the second floor are mainly separated. It’s also a shop which sell variety eco-friendly groceries and providing light meals and soft drinks.

As for the spatial designing, the hue of cement grey was harmonized with the original buildings, which would preserve the outward of the factory, and guarantee that the original spatial decoration and the recycled materials would be well-utilized during the period of construction. The work for the wall of first floor is using partition wall, but exposing the internal structure. In this way, it can save half of material, and also, using the neat arrangement to make the wall shows a special checkered decoration.When it comes to the arrangement of home furnishing, wood and ironware are used widely. They are assembled with screws, convenient for replacement the old parts in the future, also can be used for remade.

The washstand in the toilet is designed to the function that depending on how much water you need and how much force you tread on the device, which would avoid wasting water and save the power of sensory switch. And the support frame of the slope toward to the 2nd floor is the component removed from factory. Designed with a ramp to facilitate strollers and wheelchairs to move to the second floor for dining

We made good use of the recycled materials from the original space, reduced the amount of processed materials in using new materials, and maximized the value of every sort of materials. Believing in environments friendly means treating ourselves well, and taking into our quality of life, Sustainability value is as important as design quality.

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