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client_Miro 森製菓 ; project_interior(2011:11) ; interior design_ALBUM RIVERS ; designer_Yen

巧克力,充滿幸福感的點心, 傳統,浪漫,手工巧克力的製作過程傳遞著心意。 如何來傳遞這些的形容詞呢? 這時候進入腦海中的萊特兄弟故事, 兩個紳士,一個浪漫的故事,給了人們翱翔天際的夢想, 傳遞了世界各個角落的美好, 那如果萊特兄弟與他們的情人呢? 森製菓的專櫃,這次是萊特兄弟的巧克力工廠。在材質的選擇上,使用自然森林裡的木頭,和傳統歐洲常用廚具的紅銅,搭配著巧克力的方形,在轉角小小的櫃位裡,森製菓,一樣用心呈現著他們對於巧克力的用心和幸福。

Chocolate, a dessert full of happiness, is traditional and romantic. The manufacture process of handmade chocolate conveys your appreciation., How should we convey these adjectives? At this time, the stories of Wright Brothers would come into your mind. Two gentlemen and a romantic story give people the dream to soar in the sky and convey the good times of every corner in this world. How about Wright Brothers and their lovers? The exclusive cabinet of Mori is made in the chocolate factory of Wright Brothers. As for the choice of materials, the wood in the natural forest, and the red copper of common kitchenware from traditional Europe are chosen. With the shape of square, the chocolate is placed in the small cabinet at the corner. Mori Dessert is trying to display the care and happiness of chocolate.

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