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client_P+ House餐酒館 ; project_branging/interior(2014:11) ; branging/interior design_ALBUM RIVERS ; designer_Yen branding_U Visual Design ; floral design_木植花藝植栽設計 ; photographic_ AJ LIU

現代都會裡,人、事的交融與變化是如此多樣, 置身其中的我們無須定義,僅需享受。 P + HOUSE既不是純美式,亦非純義式, 空間與料理在這裡的界線無關緊要,你該在意的是Style&Aspect。 我們端上桌的,不僅是道餐點我們所建構的,不只是個空間,而是一份品味和感動。

In our modern metropolitan lives, the blending and alternation are so miscellaneous that we, who are living in cities, have no need to define but enjoy them. The definition of P+HOUSE is neither in American style or Italian one, so the boundary of space and cuisine doesn’t matter here. All you need to notice is Style & Aspect. Whatever we prepare on the table are not merely a meal we construct or a space. Instead, they are a sort of taste and touching.

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