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Wu’s residence in Xindian

client_吳宅三房一聽 ; project_interior(2016:04) ; interior design_ALBUM RIVERS ; designer_Yen、Zon

女兒總是受不了爸爸的朋友三不五時跑來家裡泡茶佔用了客廳,所以泡茶的地方要跟電視分開。但是爸爸在外頭是個大老闆,所以朋友來時的客廳要有屬於那個年代的霸氣才行,但是爸爸吩咐說,女兒交代,霸氣可以,但要留點設計感跟綠色給她。 這個家裡,處處充滿著爸爸與女兒的對話。

The daughter couldn’t bear the situation when her father’s friends come to their home and occupy the living room just in order to make tea time after time. That was why the place for making tea must exclude the television. However, her father was a CEO outside, so the living room for her father’s friends should meet the hegemony at that time. The father bade his friends that hegemony could remain, design sense and green must be left to his daughter, however. This home is full of the conversation between a father and a daughter in every corner.

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