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Yang’s residence in Xinzhuang

client_楊宅二房二廳 ; project_interior(2019:11) ; interior design_ALBUM RIVERS ; designer_Yen、Zon ; photographic_Fine studio

15坪二房二廳毛胚屋,為戀人和毛小孩建構的起居住所。 在光線都能照映到的範圍裡,將空白妥適地劃分出四個區域,機能上集合多功能使用規劃,色彩上添入了純淨的白與溫柔的粉,軟件的金屬光澤則是調劑與點綴。將主人公為愛而柔軟的那一面,揉成了有韌性的弧線,散佈在各個角落和家具上,比如玄關旁置物收納與貓砂櫃的組合、落在開放空間的中島櫃結合餐桌、書房裡置入的貓跳台、和臥房門並排的書房門軌道等,都以圓弧作為轉角的安排,讓愛的形狀穿梭在每日的風景裡。自由的小可愛,很快地找到專屬的遊樂場、發懶的地盤,任由奔跳的景象成為日子裡添趣的音符。 與貓咪為伍的共同住所,貓的便所埋沒在其中,與置物收納融為一體,以貓咪方便進入的高度來區分櫃體上下機能,別於一般形式,無需特別空出一處地面來擺放貓砂盆,隱藏配置「抽風機制」的摻入,讓場域裡的空氣品質更清新, 映著午後的陽光,恣意像是清晨綻放的花瓣,在空氣中悠悠散發著清香。居家空間裡的各式平衡,其實是訴說愛情像是海浪和帆船一樣,帆船在海上航行,有了風的阻力成了推力,才得以前進。因為在水泥城市中匆忙度日,生活需要來些適切的調味,而家裡的包容、交流和任性的小事,皆是一直航行後,自然留下的迷人證據。

An unrenovated house whose area is 49.5 square meters with two rooms and two living rooms has become a comfortable residence for lovers and cats. Based on cats’ natural habits, the height of their entrance is adjusted for the sake of their convenience. There’s a distinction between the mechanisms of upper and lower compartments, which would combine cats’ toilets and storages together with a hidden mechanism of air suction so that the air quality of this area would be fresher. Inside the area where all lights would reach are divided into four small zones. The proper configuration of the space with small square meters is exerted so as to gather multi-functional programs. Also, the spatial ratio of original square patterns has been lengthened. Accompanied with an orbit of a sliding-door, it allows perspective, dividing two zones of a guest room and a space for doing yoga. When there are no guests, this place would be the extensive space with added pure white, temperate powders, and the embellished luster of soft metals. The facet of the master’s love and gentleness has been bent to an arc of tenacity, scattering in the combined space with a storage lying next to the entrance, and a cabinet of cat litter. All of these lie inside the open space with a kitchen table combined with island cabinets and a placed diving platform for cats so that the shape of love would travel in every-day sceneries.

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