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Dear table 來自於一段交往12年後結婚的美麗愛情故事, 太年輕的時候我們會追尋著甚麼,不珍惜真正關愛自己的人, 這段故事裡的女主角自始至終沒離開過像獵人一般帶給自己傷害, 最終像鹿一樣有著美麗雙眼的溫柔女孩,讓離開過的男孩知道 一個關心自己的人是像冬天的圍巾輕輕包賦自己的人, 很簡單的讓生活多彩起來,這也是為什麼deer table選擇了這樣的造型, 以女性冬天的圍巾的配色為顏色的原因, 保留的原木色桌面,除了溫暖之外,也考量了太鮮艷的顏色會減低桌上食物的魅力。 另外原木色的系列,是個家庭,想表達故事最後頭存在的簡單美好了

Dear table derives from a beautiful love story which tells that a person has started a relationship for twelve years. When we were too young, we pursue something without cherishing somebody who care about us. The female protagonist has never left from the hunter from beginning to end, leading hurts to come down on them. Finally, the temperate girl whose pretty eyes are like a deer’s, let a boy, who once left, know who truly cares about him, just like a winter scarf which lightly wraps his neck, and this makes their lives colorful. That’s why deer table chooses this style and the color that matches females’ winter scarves is the chosen one. In addition to the warmth, we evaluate that the too bright color would lessen the glamor of table food, so we reserve the wood color as the table surface. Besides, the series of the wood color means a family that conveys the simple beauty at the end of the story.

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