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client_caffe 5160 ; company_Wanderer Design/ALBUM RIVERS ; ​Category_Product

在強調正統義式咖啡的Caffe 5160裡,掌櫃的阿源哥總是執著於專業的風骨,站在吧台內調製與講解著義式咖啡的文化與風味,在一片義大利的浪漫風味裡,更顯源哥的樣子有著英國人的紳士風範,這次,為5160客製化的吧台椅和咖啡桌,我們便設計了這款,看似簡單的浪漫紳士-Martini系列。 "Martini Shaken, not stirred" by James Bond.

Inside Caffe 5160 where emphasizes authentic Espresso, the shopkeeper A-Yuan always persists in professional strength of character, stands at the bar counter busy in coffee modulation, and explains the cultures and tastes. In the atmosphere of Italian romantic flavor, A-Yuan’s gentleman demeanor like an Englishman is manifested. This time, we design this seemingly simple Martini series of romantic gentlemen customized for the chair at the bar counter and coffee table at Caffe 5160. "Martini Shaken, not stirred" by James Bond.

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