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On ne fait rien ensemble- Shelf

company_ALBUM RIVERS ; ​Category_Product

「Fait Rien 系列-櫃子」 在這個系列的產品裡,只希望留下材質本身的特色,尤如其名一般(我們在一起時什麼都不做)買櫃子的時候總是要量高度、寬度、深度,那我們就來做個需要多少就可以拚出多少的櫃子吧。

The series of “Fait Rien” , cabinets. ​ It is hoped that products of this series would leave its own features of its materials, just like its name (We do nothing when together.) When you buy cabinets, you measure their height, width, and length. Then, let us make them as many as you want!

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