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中砥物流 品牌形象設計

BETWIN LOGISTICS 中砥物流 ; project_CI  (2018:10) ; graphic design design_Album Rivers

Be your power.



BETWIN Logistics is an all-round integrated logistics service, a communicator between people, and a deliverer between people and objects. "BE" is used as the identification image from the English name BETWIN, which hide the service efficiency and speed of the brand's delivery immediately on the communication, and brings out the close partnership between the brand and the customer. 

Generations go hand in hand to cooperate, and the color scheme makes the professional stability and the vitality of the new generation together.

The overall image is applied in static vision, with the consistency of the brand's high recognition. In the dynamic progress, including the process of people action or the vehicle driving on the road, the visual effect generated by the movement makes the best promotion for the brand’s time advantage.



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