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研香所 品牌形象設計

client_林金生香 ; project_CIS ; branding design_Album Rivers ; designer_優視覺

「研香所」深耕台中在地文化,以傳承自一百五〇年老店的手藝,選用早期當地製作麻繩的材料—黃麻,取其嫩芽—麻芛,製作成台式糕點,從生活工具到飲食文化,為傳統美味增添新風采整體設計以麻芛葉結合旗袍服裝的優雅,刻畫出早期仕女的賢淑形象; 延伸識別與圖形的應用則以復古的插畫勾勒出麻芛葉片,串聯起在地飲食文化及創新火花,娓娓道出研香所維繫印象中的美好味道,培養新飲食文化潮流的日常故事


Aroma Study House was deeply rooted in local cultures. Inherited from the craftmanship from a 150-year-old shop, jute has been chosen as the ingredient to make jute ropes, and its seedling “muâ-ínn” has been made as the Taiwanese cakes. It has added the new presence of traditional tastes from life tools to dining cultures.

Here’s the entire designing: muâ-ínn leaves, combined with the elegance of cheongsams, were also depicted as the virtuous images of early litteratrices. The application of identification and graphics is used to draw outline of muâ-ínn leaves with the use of antique illustrations so that the local dining cultures and innovative sparks are connected. Finally, the pleasant tastes which Aroma Study House tries to maintain, according to their impressions, could be told to people. And the daily stories of new dining culture trends could be cultivated.



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